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Botanicals and Shrimp just go together! Bringing Nature to your Shrimp Tank!


In their natural habitat, shrimp are found in tannin stained water full of dead leaves, bark, pods, cones that are referred to in the hobby as "AQUATIC BOTANICALS"


These tannins and surfaces help provide a natural, healthy enviroment for your shrimp to thrive! Which is what we want!


By adding tannins by way of adding these items found in nature to our tanks - it provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and helps stimulate breeding. The surfaces provide areas for biofilm and for shrimp grazing, an important part of their diet! Plus they really look super cool while providing natural hiding and exploring places


Many Shrimpkeepers have been using basic "Botanicals" and Leaf litter for years, like Alder Cones, Banana Stems, Leaves, Bark and wood collected in Nature. These newer botanicals offered are just an extension of things we can use and what we've already been trying to do for our shrimp - provide them with with benefits of blackwater/tannins, give them grazing surfaces, provide natural shelters


PREP- Boil for 30 min or Steep for 60+ min. Strain then Soak in Freshwater for 12+ hours. Add to tank.  It may take a few days to sink


Please use common sense when adding natural items to your tank and monitor your shrimp, fish and parameters. For best results, add botanicals to your aquarium in increments

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