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C$8.00 Regular Price
C$4.00Sale Price


(20+ pack, small sized leaves)


Current leaves are dried not  flat but as soon as you add it to the water, it will unroll and flatten out.

Leaves vary in size but all expand once they are rehydrated (in the tank)

One leaf can be cut into smaller pieces for more feedings

To feed smaller portion, cut a small piece off a leaf.


All Natural, Organic, Pesticide Free!

Fresh Picked, Washed, Dried


Mulberry Leaves are rich in carbohydrates + essential vitamins + fiber and minerals + potassium and iron which help to maintain the shrimp’s exoskeleton

They are natural and because of the many benefits it can stay in the tank for a long time without needing to be removed

Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal outbreaks- Provides bio-film grazing- Help improve shell process - Molting - and reduces mortality rate during all stages of life

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