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Leaf Litter has been used in Shrimp Tanks since the beginning of Shrimp Keeping time! Its no surprise, since they have so many beneficial properties!


The tannins released help create water conditions that are similar to those in the natural habitat of the shrimp, which means ideal breeding conditions 


As the leaves decompose they create a surface for biofilm to grow on and this acts as a food source. This happens when microorganisms begin to colonize the leaf and break it down. This creates a biofilm which is the preferred food source for shrimp and a very important food source for shrimplettes. The leaves also provide unique spaces that act as natural shelter


Leaf litter is not just for shrimp, its also great for Bettas & Cichlids!



Steep in boiled water for 10 minutes

Drain & Soak in fresh water overnight

Rinse & add to aquarium