GREEN JADE Neocaridina (10)

GREEN JADE Neocaridina (10)


HIGH GRADE GREEN JADE Neocaridina (10 shrimp)

These are the nicest homebred Dark Green Jades available in Canada! 

They have been selectively breed for generations to improve the quality and reduce the cull rate 

They will mature to be emerald green and forest green 


Please note* 

These shrimp will lose alot of color during shipping. When they arrive they can appear blue, and faded. Please provide an established, cycled tank with correct parameters and allow enough time for your shrimp to color up before assessing them. They will eventually regain color.


Homebred & Disease Free


Please note *Neocaridina shrimp show best colors as adults, and they improve with age*


Water temperature:  68-74 °F

Water Parameters: PH 7-7.6 KH 3-5 GH 6-8 TDS 150-250 

Breeding:  Easy