Portion Size - 2x2" Flat/Loose 


Cameroon Moss is a beautiful, unique moss with big round fronds, deep green color and is exceptionally easy to grow. Even though its a slow grower its well worth the wait and will end up with outstanding shape and fullness once mature. It is considered hard to find, and rare in North America


Here at SHRIMP LIFE I have been growing it in low tech aquariums, (without co2, without dosing ferts) and low-medium lighting. Its safe to say its undemanding and accepting of a variety of parameters (hard and soft water)


This moss is grown by SHRIMP LIFE and is free of pests and chemicals with the exception of snails (I keep snails in all of my shrimp tanks)


In general, unless a plant is tissue cultured, there is always a risk of snails etc (from any supplier)