BLUE BOLT MOSURA Caridina (5 or 10)

BLUE BOLT MOSURA Caridina (5 or 10)

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BLUE BOLT MOSURA Caridina (5 or 10)

Homebred & Disease Free


These shrimp are also known as Shadow Mosuras. They are Blue bolt with a Black markings, the head marking is referred to as mosura, mosura flowerhead and mosura crown (the markings vary) Some have a mark at the base of the tail.


These are young shrimp and right now where they are mostly white, you can expect them to get more blue as they age they will color up and improve dramatically and end up as medium grade blue bolt mosura (will have 50%+ blue coverage)


*pictured are the adults/parents to show how they should look once they reach full maturity*


Water temperature: 66 - 70 °F

Water Parameters: PH 5.8 - 6.4 KH 0-1 GH 4-6 TDS 100-150

Breeding: Easy